My passion for photography ignited during my adolescent years and continued to burn brightly into adulthood. After high school, I was dead set on turning my love for photography into a career. So, I packed my bags and headed off to UCM to earn a Bachelor's degree in Professional Photography.

Initially, I dreamed of becoming a commercial photographer and working for a top-notch advertising agency or magazine. However, fate had other plans for me. In 2011, I took on my very first wedding, and to my surprise, it was a match made in heaven! From that day on, I knew that capturing love stories was my true calling, my life's purpose. Since then, I've had the pleasure of photographing over 150 extraordinary weddings, and each one has been a cherished experience!

When I'm not busy freezing time with my camera, you can find me living my best life in the great outdoors. You name it, I'm up for it - snowboarding, rock climbing, and riding motorcycles on and off-road are some of my top favorites! I'm also a huge travel buff and get a thrill out of discovering new and exciting places. And, of course, country dancing with my hubby, it's is our go-to thing for a date night; it's how how we met just over a decade ago! He asked me to dance and the rest is history. 


a little bit about

the lady Behind the Lens

As a die-hard sunset chaser and memory maker, I'm all about grabbing those raw, real-life moments and turning them into something truly special. My aim is to freeze-frame pure happiness and capture the beauty of even the smallest moments spent with those we cherish. Whether it's a candid laugh, a tender embrace, or a stolen kiss, my ultimate goal is to create photos that demand to be printed, framed, and showcased in all their stunning glory - bringing love and joy into your home every day, for years to come.

my philosophy